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Announcing Machine43 Marketing for Physicians

After many years of contemplating starting a physician marketing firm, we are now open for business!

Machine43 Marketing for Physicians stands to deliver an end-to-end marketing campaign solution for physicians unlike any other on the market. It starts with building a personal website for physicians, filled with strategically written contentWe then tailor our ad spend and organic efforts to focus on growing your practice in the most desirable areasFinally, we relentlessly focus on continuously optimizating your campaign through advanced analytics and machine learning.

I hope you'll check us out at

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  • The ethics of healthcare and physician marketing August 11, 2016
    Marketing healthcare can be a polarizing topic. A friend of mine with a family member who is a physician recently gave me some feedback on what he thought about the concept. To paraphrase, he thought the concept was unethical. That is was moving healthcare in the wrong direction. That turning healthcare into a business detracts […]
  • How to measure marketing impact without tracking? (double delta analysis explained) August 10, 2016
    Your marketing campaign went out and you didn’t have any tracking for it. “Crap” you say. Maybe worse, but I am not judging. One method used frequently to measure the impact of a campaign without tracking is called a double delta. Although that may sound complicated, what that really is, is a measurement of the […]
  • Do you need an app for physician marketing? August 9, 2016
    If you are an app developer in your free time, then the answer might be yes, but if not, the answer is a resounding no. It takes marketing efforts to get people to download your app. It takes product management to continuously develop your app to keep your users engaged. It takes a security and […]
  • Why physicians need phone call analytics for marketing campaigns August 8, 2016
    John Wanamaker, a retailer in Philadelphia in the late 1800’s famously said, “Half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” In the words of my 3-year-old son, “we don’t want that.” The fact is, physicians need phone call tracking because a vast majority of their conversions from online activity will come through […]
  • Five things to think about before starting a marketing campaign October 13, 2014
    Before you start actively marketing your practice, here are five questions you should ask yourself? How booked out am I? There is nothing worse than marketing your practice only to have a four week wait time for an appointment. If patients have to wait longer than three weeks, I recommend dialing back the marketing or increasing […]