GMAT Done!

This morning I effectively slayed the GMAT dragon, but not without hours, and hours, and hours of studying. And yes, I know that was probably not the proper sentence structure, but this is a blog.

And no, I have no plans of telling you what I am going to say, then say it, then tell you what I just said. You probably don’t care.

In fact, no matter what I say, my guess is that you will probably be unconvinced. Most likely because I am using weak assumptions and my keywords are inadequately defined.

Also, I may never ever have to remember again how to find the volume of a cone or how to combine cube roots, but I will never lose sight of what is possible when I put my mind on something.

That said, the test was not a complete with test of memory. I spent a lot of time critically assessing arguments within only a few seconds. As a marketer, this is skill highly relevant as I converse daily with clients who have a lot of ideas, some sound, but some based on terrible assumptions, over generalizations and lots of anecdotal research.

In conclusion, although I learned a lot, I am glad the test and endless nights of studying are over. Good luck to any one taking the test in the future.  Study hard and often. If you are looking for resources less than $2,000, I recommend reviewing and buying the math videos on And lastly, with a shameless plug for my consulting business, if you want to support my education financially and need a website or mobile optimized site, visit

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