Purchasing Golf Clubs

Reflection on a purchase when “influencers” played a role in my decision-making process.

pingLast spring I purchased a new set of golf clubs from Golf Galaxy for over $500. The set I purchased were Ping G20s. This was a top of the line set, however they were last year’s model when I purchased them, so they were not quite as expensive as when they were first released.

The primary influencers on my purchase were other golfers. Rounds of golf tend to last 4-5 hours and there is not always a lot to talk about. One of the topics of conversations that comes up frequently is what kind of clubs or driver you are hitting.

One thng golfers are not, is shy when it comes to sharing an opinion on a club they own. They know which ones they like and which ones they don’t. They are always thinking about what club they want next, whether it be a driver, putter, pitching wedge or hybrids. There is always a belief that if only they had this club or that one, their game would be improved.

Throughout my many conversations our on the course, I heard many good things about PING golf clubs. The brand is a favorite among the serious golfers because they put engineering ahead of looks, A few years back, Nike started making golf clubs, While many golfers went out to try them, the consensus is that they werequite the opposite of PING. They were designed by designers to look good, but the engineering was an after thought. Therefor nothing aside from playing generic knock off brand clubs says amateur golfer than a guy with Nike clubs.

Additionally, given the number of times I had talked to other golfers about my clubs, it was important to me to have a nice set to show that I can play with the serious golfers. Before heading out, other golfers will size you up based on what kind of clubs you have. Are you a hacker? Are you serious golfer? Or are you somewhere in between. This is important because good golfers like to play with other good golfers for a variety of reasons.

First, you usually tee off from the same tee box. Second, in golf it is very easy to rise or fall to the level of partners you are playing with. And finally, good golfers usually understand the etiquette of the game which is important in golf because it helps good golfers play well when there is a certain rhythm to the round. If one of your playing partners is spending 10 minutes in the woods looking for a ball that slows everybody down and talks them out of rhythm. Because of these reasons, people may try to avoid playing with you if they think you are a hack.

So in conclusion, my purchase of new golf clubs was highly influenced by what other golfers might think of me. Further it was influenced by what they thought about the brand of clubs I purchased. And much to my delight, my golf game has improved with my new clubs, so all of those guys who talked up PING must have known a thing or two.

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