Be the Best, Wherever You Are At


In response to How We Play Football in North Dakota by Carson Wentz in the players tribune, I wanted to write a few words about how the culture Carson describes and how it has stuck with me in the business world:Be the best, wherever you are at.

1. Be the best, wherever you are at.

“Football is football, no matter if it’s played in the Rose Bowl or on a dusty field in Bismarck. Those warm southern states may produce the most NFL talent, but there’s a special brand of football going on up north.”

No matter where you work or what you do, the opportunity exists to do what you do better than anyone in the world. One of the best things I ever did as a longsnapper was go to a national camp to train for a long weekend with the best of the best. It set the expectations for myself at a whole new level and because of that I had a clear goal of where I needed to get to.

2. Carson describes the vision for the offense in great detail with great passion.

“Our offense might have reminded you a bit of Alabama or Stanford. We were going to start out running the ball, and then we were going to run it again, and then when you think we couldn’t possibly do it again, we were going to run some more. And when you’re sick of getting dirty with us, we’ll get heavy personnel and run with power and move you guys. We love to bring the boom. By the time we ran play-action and went over the top for a touchdown, your defense was just relieved they didn’t have to swap paint with us for one more play. Then, the next time we got the ball, we would show you completely different sets. We’d start slinging it around like Baylor.”

With that, this illustrates the expectation that players have to understand the vision and buy in. You could ask any of the 100+ other players on the team to describe the offense and I bet they would have written something very similar.



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