Top Stories from a Healthcare Marketer’s Feed Reader

Obamas Blackberry, Photo courtesy of Jae C. Hong.

Obama's Blackberry, Photo courtesy of Jae C. Hong.

The following are a few stories from my feed readers that I am following or found interesting over the last couple of days.Google Disputes Harvard Fellow’s Pollution Estimate – CIOInteresting new study released by a Harvard physicist that says Google is responsible for high levels of pollution. Of course when you boil it down, the study includes emissions from personal computers used during search, which in that case it wouldn’t matter who is the search provider. Google maintains they are the greenest major search engine.Useful Tech at CES ’09 – MSNCES stands for consumer electronics show. Check out some of the hottest gadgets in this issue.Web Making You Sick? Help for ‘Cyberchondriacs’ – MSNOne in four people use the Internet to look up health information. This article reviews the strikingly high number of people that actually misdiagnose themselves.Obama’s big idea: Digital health records – CNNEMR, short for Electronic Medical Records is part of Barack Obama’s plan to improve healthcare and decrease costs. Healthcare Administrators worry about the ability to find qualified staff to implement universal EMR systems.Tax Cuts for Teachers – New York TimesThomas Friedman offers a spectacular idea for boosting the economy, finding better teachers and investing in our future. He suggests eliminating federal taxes for teachers as a means of attracting new talent. He also suggests double the salary of highly qualified math and science teachers, as well as offering green cards to exchange students with whom we help subsidize their education.I hoped you like these, if you have any feeds worth checking out, please let me know.